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Why we include Hair & Makeup

Look, we already know you're a knockout, but we include hair & makeup in our sessions to take your gorgeousness to the next level! Our team of beauty magicians will have you feeling like a celebrity in no time!

The truth is, we have high end equipment. Our cameras & lenses are top of the line and will pick up every pore on your beautiful face (no one wants to see every single pore though, am I right?) and every strand of hair on your head. By having your hair and makeup professionally done - it will hides any imperfections you may have on the day of your shoot and helps accentuate your bone structure, eyes, etc. which will really stand out in your photos! It also means ONE LESS thing for you to worry about - you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy being pampered. Whether you want to go for a natural look (like the bombshell below) or a full on glam look - we've got you covered! So trust us, once you see the finished result, you'll be strutting your stuff like you're on the runway! So sit back, relax and let the team work their magic! You're going to love it!

Jess & Britt our our fabulous Hair and Makeup Artists. They're both amazing and a joy to work with!!

To learn more about working with me - Click here to go back to our main page & fill out the form and we'll text you during business hours!

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