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Choosing The Right Boudoir Photographer For YOU!

Utah Boudoir Photography by Lipstick & Lace Boudoir Photogrpher, Nicole Hurst

By: Nicole Lockwood
Owner & Photographer of Lipstick & Lace Boudoir Photography in Lehi, Utah

May 18, 2023

Most women have never done anything like this before and have no idea what they should be asking and how to find the right Boudoir Photographer for them. So here are my pointers on choosing the right Boudoir Photographer for YOU!

1. Find A Photographer Who Specializes In Boudoir Photography

Finding a photographer who specializes exclusively in Boudoir is important. Not every photographer has the talent or the eye for flattering the beautiful curves of a woman. It truly is a speciality that takes a specific skill set and a certain non-judgemental and calming personality. I’ve seen so many photographers try to offer Boudoir along with Weddings or all the other genres they shoot, only to find out it really wasn’t their specialty.

One way to tell if someone specializes in Boudoir is they do not show any other type of artwork or galleries on their website or landing page. It will be dedicated completely to Boudoir. 

2. Choose A Boudoir Photographer You Are Completely Comfortable With

This is the most important thing you should consider when choosing a Boudoir Photographer! 

Being comfortable with your photographer will make your boudoir experience exciting and empowering rather than stressful and nerve racking.

If you are not comfortable with your photographer, it WILL show in your images. Nervousness shows up in your poses, facial expressions and eyes. And unfortunately, no amount of photo editing can get rid of that. 

The best thing to do is to meet with your photographer for an in person consultation, before your shoot. This is a great opportunity to get all of your questions answered, see samples of their products (albums, wall art, etc.), get a tour of the studio, and see if you feel comfortable with them and if they are the best fit for you!

3. Find A Boudoir Photographer Who’s Values Align With Yours

During your consultation you will be able to get to know the photographer more and be able to determine if your values align. For example, my values as a photographer are the following


  • Creating A Custom Experience For Each Client (As Each Client Is Unique)

  • Delivering The Highest Quality Photography & Product

  • Limited Number Of Shoots So My Clients Have Complete Access To Me

  • Being An Expert In My Field

  • Attention To Detail & Taking My Time

  • Clear & Professional Communication

  • Being Available As An Expert & Leader To Help My Clients Through Every Step Of Their Experience

  • NO Sales Pressuring Or Bait & Switch Sales Techniques

  • Dedication To Serving My Clients 

Now you may not value these things and that’s okay! I’m probably not the photographer for you. But when looking for the right Boudoir Photographer for you, make sure you do find someone who has values and business principles that align with yours and what are looking for. 


For a quick wrap up: 

1. Find A Photographer Who Specializes In Boudoir Photography

2. Choose A Boudoir Photographer You Are Completely Comfortable With

3. Find a Boudoir Photographer Who’s Values Align With Yours

I hope this helps give you some insight on how to find the right Boudoir Photographer for YOU! Wishing you the most amazing and epic Boudoir Experience! It truly is life-changing! 



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